Why would I choose decorative concrete over natural paving materials?

There are many reasons why stamped concrete makes more sense. The first
is cost – stamped concrete is almost always less expensive than the materials for which it substitutes. Next is maintenance – natural materials, concrete pavers and unilock will heave over time and replacing sections can become a nightmare. Eventually, weeds and moss will grow through the grout lines and become a problem. This will never happen with stamped concrete. Finally, stamped concrete offers so many different patterns and color variations which simply aren’t available elsewhere – it can truly satisfy anybody’s demanding taste.

Will the finished product experience any cracking over time?

Any poured concrete, whether it’s decorative or otherwise, can
experience some cracking – this is the nature of concrete. However, when installed properly, cracking can be greatly reduced or even eliminated entirely. A top quality mix must be used and the concrete would need to be further strengthened with the use of properly spaced rebar. Quality concrete work will cost a bit more up front. However, the long term peace of mind of never having to hassle with it again will pay for itself year after year.

How do I best care for my finished decorative concrete work?

The final step we take when installing a decorative concrete
hardscape is to coat the finished work with a high quality sealer. The sealer should be reapplied every two years. If the concrete work is in an area that will require snow removal such as a driveway or front walkway then please follow these guidelines carefully: 1) if shoveling, always clear the area with a plastic shovel only 2) if plowing, make certain the bottom of the plow has a rubber squeegee that runs the entire length 3) if using a snow blower, make sure the height is adjusted to clear the concrete’s surface. Finally, never use any calcium, salt or other chemicals on the surface. We recommend that you spread only sand or cat litter across the surface.

How long before I can walk/drive/etc. on my stamped concrete?

Following sealing of the concrete you can walk 1 day after and drive 7 days after the concrete was poured.

What patterns are there to choose from?

Please view our patterns under the exterior concrete textures link.

Where can I use stamped concrete?

Stamped and decorative concrete is great for so many different
applications. It can be used for: walkways, patios, pool decks, garden pathways, driveways, basement floors, garage floors, lobbies, stores and restaurants, steps, courtyards, plazas, platforms, porches – you name it!

Will stamped concrete be harmed under freeze/thaw conditions?

No, provided you maintain the sealer. A good sealer is the key to protecting your concrete from ice and salts.

Will the color fade?

Square Prairie uses a UV stable sealer on all exterior concrete work
which slows fading considerable compared to lesser quality sealers. As the sealer wears the concrete may begin to look faded but another coat of sealer and your concrete will look as good as new.